Bluestacks, Android Emulator for PC (Windows / Mac)

Bluestacks is the best free Android emulator available for Windows PC and Apple’s Mac OS X. The emulator helps you to take your Android experience to a computer. Basically, Bluestacks helps you to run a virtual Android device on your computer. You can do everything using Bluestacks that you would normally do using a real Android device. Bluestacks comes with some app suggestions, app stores. You can log in using your Gmail account and access Google Play Store to explore the vast world of Android. Bluestack’s smooth experience makes it the best choice for Android enthusiasts. The emulator allows you to run most of the famous and viral Android applications for PC without any hiccups here and there.

You can download and install Bluestacks by downloading from its official website, but the standard installer works online. Just in case you’ve no internet on a computer and you want to install Bluestacks on it, a method to install Bluestacks staying offline may be helpful. Luckily, Bluestacks provides an offline installer for its app player. You can keep a copy of this offline installer with you and install it on any PC or Mac without internet access. The offline installer is available in both .exe for Windows and .dmg for Mac OS X. Attached links are the latest version of Bluestacks App Player for both Wdinwos and Mac OS X. This installer will work on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS X.

Bluestacks, Android Emulator for PC (Windows / Mac)

Download and Install Bluestacks on PC (Windows / Mac)

Download Apps and Install on PC using Bluestacks

  1. Make sure that you have a working internet connection.
  2. Now download BlueStacks App Player setup. Windows | Mac OS X
  3. After downloading, run the setup.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to select app store access, installation location and begin the installation.
  5. Now, wait for the installation to finish, once done BlueStacks will begin to download some game data. Wait for a while and let it finish.
  6. BlueStacks’ home screen will launch in a while. The home screen will have an interface full of applications and some buttons at the bottom. The very first row which starts with the “Search” button contains the applications which are pre-installed in BlueStacks. you click the “All Apps” button next to it to check out all available applications.
  7. You will also fine BlueStacks Settings applications which will act as the primary settings application of your virtual Android device. You can use these settings to control your whole BlueStacks e.g. setting up accounts, managing contacts etc. Rest of the rows on BlueStacks’ home screen include the application suggestions.
  8. You can install any application from the main screen, but since we are installing it for the first time, we will setup Google Play Store first.
  9. To setup Google Play Store, click on “All Apps” button in the very first row.
  10. Now click on BlueStacks Settings.
  11. Now in BlueStacks Settings > Manage Accounts > Google
  12. Following the on-screen instructions proceed. If you have an existing account, click on the existing button. If you don’t have an account yet, set it up as a new account.
  13. Follow on-screen instructions and finish Google Play account setup.
  14. After you’ve successfully setup your Google Play account, Go back to the home screen on BlueStacks and click on any application from suggestions to access Google Play Store.
  15. Now set up and enable Account Sync to open Google Play Store. If you encounter an error while enabling Account Sync, follow the instructions given at the end of this guide to resolve it. As you access the Play Store, you will be able to install your desired apps and games.
  16. Once your desired application is installed, it will appear in “All Apps” tab. You can also install applications from suggestions on the home screen now. You can use your install application using on-screen control instructions.
  17. That’s all.